Thursday, December 9, 2010

Charley's Favorite Game: Bloodbath

High card by suit and Low card by suit refer to assigning relative values to playing cards of equal rank based on their suit.
Most poker games do not rank suits; the ace of spades is just as good as the ace of clubs. However, small issues (such as deciding who deals first) are sometimes resolved by dealing one card to each player. If two players draw cards of the same rank, one way to break the tie is to use an arbitrary hierarchy of suits.
No standard ranking of suits exists for all poker games. Even within a particular poker variant, the order of suits differs by location. (For example, the ranking most commonly used in the United States is not the one typically used in Italy.) Two common conventions are:
  • Alternating colors: diamonds (lowest), followed by clubshearts, and spades (highest). This ranking is also used in the Chinese card game Big Two or Choh Dai Di.
  • Alphabetical order: clubs (lowest), followed by diamondshearts, and spades (highest). This ranking is also used in the game of bridge. - from Wikipedia

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