Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Less Modest Proposal

Setting aside the difficulties raised by each of us having to have our own chip caddy to carry between tables, perhaps something like every half hour the top two winners at one table switch with the losingest two players at the other table.
Somehow creating a poker meritocracy with eventually the luckier/better players having to duke it out with each other.
Or not.


  1. Hmmmmm. Meritocracy? Fresh, innovative even, possibly Jeffersonian. Why can't we all get along? Apparently, we can. I will *reach out* to Higgins.

  2. Ah, I seem to be signed in as Godiva. But I'm not. It's me, Mr. Godiva.

  3. If I might, this proposal would only come from our favorite Talmudist - the one so enamored of playing "high/low". As for me, i don't care. I'm along for the ride. We could try one thing one game, and another later..although I still wonder how the Blackjack figures into this plan. Would that poker palate-cleanser be counted when determining winners and losers for this proposed musical chairs?

    A more culinary approach might be to have fortune cookies stuffed with seat numbers distributed after every 10 rounds, or perhaps we have people draw from the deck to determine what their seating will be.

  4. I will defend to the death Pawler's right to play blackjack as often and as noisily as she wishes.